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Im back on stoicism. Stoicism teaches the development of self-control and fortitude as a way of overcoming destructive emotions; the philosophy holds that becoming a clear and unbiased thinker allows one to understand the universal reason.

Different from most of the working folks, I actually love Mondays. You won't hear me saying, “Work na naman” or “Back to reality” with disgust after a long period of vacation.

I am maybe lucky that It happens that this is my reality and I find happiness from being productive…

Getting distracted is inevitable. Our brain is somehow designed to be always online and ready to capture new sensations coming from all our senses.

So how you can possibly get things done? The secret is the ability to refocus.

Distractions will always be there. But having the skill to steer…

Yesterday went really well and was amazing. I was able to tick each one of the tasks I committed throughout the day. So for today, I am motivated to keep this thing going. Meditating, journaling, and then taking action. Fulfilling.

Today, before this blog, I listened to another guided meditation…

Today, I wanted to accomplish more and there’s no way better doing it than starting my day with a meditation. I listened to this guided meditation.


— that’s done, so let’s get this thing on.

What do you want to do today?

  • Our Cake store needs printed handouts.
  • Myself, I need a 15min exercise routine to start again, and I need to eat lesser and m.ake sure to eat oats.
  • CRM — it needs a way or salesperson to add a photo so that designers in the bakery will know what is the design for the cupcakes.
  • Website — I need a new Promo and the laravel version to be continued.

Other important

  • send my co-worker notes for Reporting Tools

I am setting myself a 100 Day Challenge to make progress on the following things that matters to me right now.

The challenge is to do anything within a 10minute window on any given day.

10 Minutes of Exercise

10 Minutes of Writing on makdiose.com blog

10 Minutes of Writing on my Course project — “how to start a homebased baking business”

10 Minutes of coding on our CRM — crm.charmscakes.com

10 Minutes of coding on our website — charmscakes.com upgrading to Laravel

10 Minutes of uploading new photos to our photo gallery

10 Minutes of creating and scheduling facebook posts

10 Minutes of Writing my day recap.

When it comes to achieving our goals in life there is no better and faster way of getting them other than actually putting in the work and taking actions.

Illustration vector created by stories — www.freepik.com

When we wait for things to happen we don't only waste valuable time but also deprive ourselves of the feeling of actually achieving it.

Success is sweeter when we are conscious of our actions. When we are mindful of our steps towards our goals, the results will unfold right before your eyes is one of the best feelings you can feel ever in your life.

Life is full of surprises, don’t let success be one of those. Make them happen.

Have you ever thought of starting a business with your significant other? To wake up every morning and together you hustle and grind? To both share the dream, and so are the responsibilities.

me and my business partner, Charmaine

I do. Ever since we got married I have always thought we’ll build a business together. I’m…

Mak Diose

Wantrepreneur. Writes PHP and sells cakes online. A local internet tour guide too.

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