Jan 15 — Written Blog

Yesterday went really well and was amazing. I was able to tick each one of the tasks I committed throughout the day. So for today, I am motivated to keep this thing going. Meditating, journaling, and then taking action. Fulfilling.

Today, before this blog, I listened to another guided meditation to kick off my day. Sharing the video, it’s a 10min meditation to improve focus. I was seating like a monk while I am listening to this. Just to give you a picture.

That’s done. Let’s get this going.

What do I want to do today?

I purposedly made my to-do list yesterday pretty much short. I want to ensure that my first attempt at daily blogging will be enjoyable. Gladly I was able to nail each one of them without fail and I am happy with my results.

Today I am challenging myself. Since I get excited about the positive energy right now I am decided I am going to push myself further. So for today’s list.

  • A Haircut and a nice shave— I need to look good for the next tasks I have in mind.
  • 30 min Workout — 10min on running, 10min on flexibility, and 10min on weights. I promised my son Isaac (who is currently being grounded for use of computer for games) that I will bring him to the shop today so he has something to do. I am going to make him run on the treadmill.
  • Eat less, eat oats and fruits — yesterday, I was able to buy papaya and avocado! I'm excited about this one.
  • CRM — Task management module. I wanted to maximize our staff’s time and this will only be going to be smooth and effective if there is task management in place. Currently, what we have is just a group chat wherein Charmaine does every morning sends a chat for everyone about what to do. I know there’s a lot of apps already out there, but the team is so used to the CRM system I built and I like it so I will keep it that way. Not to mention adding another app will just make everything more complex. That’s one of my secret business management techniques. As a business owner, we need to make sure everything is simplified.
  • Website Migration to Laravel — Just continue this project, currently working on the Cake categories controller.
  • Cake Photos — We have hundreds of new cake photos that is not yet uploaded to the website. I will need to go there to the shop to teach one of our staff how to do this.
  • Facebook Page — I am launching a new thing, “Charm’s Cake Daily Promo” or Promo of the Day, or Flash sale, I am not decided what to call it but the idea is simple I will choose, 3 to 6 new designs that I will put on massive SALE just for that day. I don’t think we’ll get any sales on that, I only wanted to make something attractive and engaging post for our followers. If we do get a sale, well that would be amazing.

Other important

  • Attend a call with my co-worker to introduce Google Data Studio.

That’s it!

I said that I am going to push myself further today. So I decided to add a video to this daily blogging. I think I can, and I think it will be fun.

So the challenge is, in every items, I listed above is for I to make a short intro video telling what I will be going to do and an ending video showing a result.

I won't care for fancy editing, I’ll just stitch them together and upload it. So there.

The video will be posted here below. If there’s no video, It means I failed to do so and I will share the reason why on my next blog tomorrow.

Hope you were set for the day too! Have a great day! Thanks for reading.

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