Getting distracted is inevitable. Our brain is somehow designed to be always online and ready to capture new sensations coming from all our senses.

So how you can possibly get things done? The secret is the ability to refocus.

Distractions will always be there. But having the skill to steer thoughts back at the task at hand will help you do what you have to do.

This is what I have been studying and trying to master for myself lately. In fact, I had to use two guided meditation this morning. I know that by having this skill, I can maximize the use of my time thus giving me more out of it.

Yesterday’s recap

Yesterday went great, though I haven't able to tick all my tasks yesterday I would still grade it 9/10. Because of all the important tasks I committed to doing, I was able to get them done. That includes shooting a video!

Though I haven't able to stitch it together, I will have it done 2nd thing today!

So, after my experience yesterday doing a somewhat kind of vlog, one thing I realize — that vlogging is super hard, I know it's hard but only when I actually do it that is when you realize how massive it is.

I could say, that if that is all the thing you do for a living then it would be reasonably doable.

I don’t think I can do this alone, I need people to help me. Someone who can help me film, and another who can do the editing for me.

So, since that’s not feasible, I am setting that idea for now. I will still create a video though, but not in a vlog format.

What’s for today?

I wasn't able to work on my CRM and our website yesterday completely so I am taking this one at the very top. I’d like to dedicate the whole day to these two, but I don’t I am feeling that I can squeeze in a few more items in there.

  • CRM — Task management module.
  • Website Migration to Laravel
  • Cake Photos Upload
  • a 2000 words new blog entry
  • a video format of that blog entry.

That’s it.

Hope you were set for the day too!

Have a great day! Thanks for reading.

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