Jan 18 — Monday na naman

Different from most of the working folks, I actually love Mondays. You won't hear me saying, “Work na naman” or “Back to reality” with disgust after a long period of vacation.

I am maybe lucky that It happens that this is my reality and I find happiness from being productive every day of the week.

If you don’t like most of your weekdays and you can’t wait to be Friday again, you are living on the weekends.

You are doing it wrong.

As I aged I realize the value of time. It’s so precious, yet finite, and beautiful.

So valuable that we should be always mindfully take into consideration where are we going to spend it. So if you are disgusted with your weekdays, You are wasting a good amount of your time.

I hear this one from a mentor, that a simple indicator that we are wasting time is when we spend it on usually with the following:

  • Work that we don’t love to do
  • People that we don’t like
  • Activities that do not matter to us.

Life is too short only to spend on things we don’t like.

What’s for today?

  • CRM — Task management module.
  • CRM — Finance projection calculator
  • Website Migration to Laravel
  • Cake Photos Upload
  • a 2000 words new blog entry
  • Start editing that vlog entry

Losing weight

I am paying the price now of the reckless eating during holidays. From 61 KG the weight I used to be, I am 66.5 KG today. Crazy right?

Back on intermittent fasting this week.

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